Download Galaxy Invader: Alien Shooting MOD gold/diamonds 2.9.41 APK

Galaxy Invader: Alien Shooting MOD gold/diamonds — A thrilling action game in which you are called upon to defend humanity from extinction. With the help of a spaceship you will repel the attacks of aliens who want to take over the galaxy and destroy all humans. On your way there will be both simple alien soldiers and bosses and elite troops. with whom you will fight and show what you are capable of as a defender and hero for your species.

Evolve and grow stronger by constantly improving your ship or buying new, more powerful spaceships to withstand the toughest waves of enemies. Constant task updates and a variety of content additions will not let you get bored, but rather feel new emotions playing a space arcade game.

Download Galaxy Invader: Alien Shooting MOD gold/diamonds:
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