Download Guardians: Alien Hunter MOD unlimited diamonds 1.0.21 APK

Guardians: Alien Hunter MOD unlimited diamonds - Manage the legendary guardian of the galaxy to destroy the new threat to humanity, namely the aliens and their advanced equipment that has already colonized most of our galaxy. Only in your hands can mankind hope for a chance to survive. You as commander-in-chief will go to the epicenter of all events and slay the aliens with the most advanced weapons that mankind has created in the fight against its enemies. Start the action battle now, pass the levels and destroy waves of aliens at every stage of the level. As you progress through the levels the difficulty increases, the enemies get tougher and with a new arsenal of weaponry, to defeat the difficult stages you upgrade your equipment and purchase new weapons which you can improve. Stunning realistic graphics and smooth controls give the game the best atmosphere, which is not a shame to dive into, and a huge world to explore with a unique design will not leave you indifferent. Discover even more new heroes and see what they are capable of in the battle against the enemies, using the unique skills of each hero against the aliens.
The diamonds increase when you use them!

Download Guardians: Alien Hunter MOD unlimited diamonds:
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