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Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter MOD money - The end of life on Earth can happen if you do not prevent the evil aliens who attack in flocks, all the hope for saving the planet is in your hands. The last ship that can resist a swarm of aliens and reflect the attack, and it is you who will control it. You will face numerous clashes with enemies, which will increase in number and strength with each passed level, as well as meeting with bosses, it is not so easy to save the universe, but you can. Go through the levels saving the planet and collect valuable rewards and rewards for the passed level, open upgrades for your ship, improve it and your weapons and open up great opportunities for your spaceship.

Game features:
  • ★ One-touch control.
  • ★ Support for all types of devices (smartphone, tablet).
  • ★ 160 levels with different difficulty modes.
  • ★ Multiplayer mode.
  • ★ Colorful graphics and lots of action.
  • ★ Many improvements for your flying ship.
  • ★ Epic boss battles.

Download Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter MOD Money:
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