Download Strike Force - Arcade shooter - Shoot 'em up MOD stones/coins

Strike Force — Arcade shooter — Shoot 'em up MOD stones/coins — Join the ranks of those who are ready to give their lives to save their loved ones! This is an intergalactic battle, you will pilot the most deadly flying ships, your task is to find and destroy! Save all living things, stop the invaders, but don’t forget about upgrading your spaceship.

In addition, in the game you will find:
  • The ability to customize weapons — increase the rate of fire, attack, use shells, lasers and magnets;
  • Epic bosses — fight in a fierce battle with bosses, win and receive valuable rewards;
  • Levels with different difficulty — easy, normal and heroic, try your hand at different difficulty levels;
  • Hall of Fame — Earn as many points as possible and enter the Hall of Fame.

Download Strike Force - Arcade shooter - Shoot 'em up MOD stones/coins: