Download Join & Strike MOD Diamonds/Coins

Join & Strike MOD Diamonds/Coins - It's time to create your own gang and start bringing order to your own city. Start your journey of justice by single-handedly destroying enemy gangs while recruiting new recruits to your own. With each of your successful entries, your gang will grow by several times. Build your defensive base, improve it, and be ready for enemy attacks.

In addition to improving your base, you'll need to improve your own gang, the more enemies you destroy, the stronger the enemies will come in their place. Get through an immeasurable number of enemies, use your arsenal of deadly weapons: grenades, bombs, assault rifles and more; defeat the enemy and recruit more soldiers to your cause.

Also, in addition to the usual enemy gangs you may be challenged by the boss himself, be prepared for this encounter and try to "kick his ass". After completing all levels of difficulty, a bonus level with special mechanics awaits you at the end. Get precious bonuses for every battle you complete, improve your army and base, and become the best commanders in the game!

Download Join & Strike MOD Diamonds/Coins: