Download Bid Wars - Auction Simulator MOD money 2.60.7 APK

Bid Wars - Auction Simulator MOD money — Get ready for the hottest locker wars, place your bets, and maximize your winnings! Fight with real players for the "bread" place, reason carefully and weigh the pros and cons. Outbid your competitors and get the treasure you want.

Each luggage room hides a lot of valuable and not-so-valuable junk, will luck play a cruel joke with you or, on the contrary, will it give you a handout? Make your choice and do not be afraid to take a risk, because the chance to make a good profit is too great. Sell all the treasures you find in the containers and get special invitations to very profitable auctions.

Win container wars and try to outplay the most legendary players. Earn lots of money and become a tycoon, collect rare items, develop your own pawn shop, and seek out the rarest treasures in long-forgotten containers.

Download Bid Wars - Auction Simulator MOD money:
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