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Bid Wars 2: Auction & Pawn Shop Business Simulator MOD money/gold - In this game you will learn how to take risks and make a lot of money. It's time to bid at auctions, buy containers with hidden goodies, put everything you have and come out the winner of the auction. Open your pawn shop, sell the items you find in the abandoned containers. Demonstrate how you can quietly beat anyone at the bidding, don't be afraid to bet big money, sometimes there are really rare items in the containers.

Go to the auction, outbid and outbid, and wipe out your competitors. Beat your competitors with smart and provocative bids! Expand your business, open new stores around town, and make twice as much money! Raise your ranking as the most successful auctioneer, let influential business people hear about you. Make lucrative deals, participate in bigger auctions and get valuable merchandise for your store.

Gameplay video

Video gameplay demonstration of the modified version of Bid Wars 2, created and published for the page
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