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Merge Dragons! MOD free purchases - The game will introduce you to the wonderful world of dragons, but he will need your help, rather join the game! Once a flourishing and vibrant country of dragons became completely gray, an evil demon destroyed all life on this earth, all dragons turned into stone, the goddess of nature too! You are the hero who will awaken mythical dragons from hibernation! Rid the once blooming lands of Draconia from the magic curse of monsters, use your unique magical gift, combine all life into one whole: dragons, eggs, flowers, to breathe life into them again.

In the game Merge Dragons you will find:

  • • Over 500 items that can be combined;
  • • 600 tasks, over which you need to think;
  • • 140 levels with different difficulty;
  • • Secret levels, not everyone can find them;
  • • Dangerous monsters await you on levels, be careful
  • • 17 unique dragon breeds, grow dragons and restore the balance of nature.

At each difficult level, you have to free the goddess Gaia herself from stone imprisonment, find her and revive nature. Set up your own camp and raise dragons. Download Merge Dragons !, solve puzzles, remove spells and restore the valley.

Download Merge Dragons! MOD free purchases:
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