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Shadow of Death: Dark Knight MOD money - Once upon a time there was a great kingdom of light, ruled by a wise king and his sister, but the king had an accident, his beloved sister died. He fell into a depression and he realized how he could resurrect her, all day long he studied: magic, medicine and alchemy in order to resurrect his sister. He created a rare disease that killed people, he needed them for a ritual. His actions led to enormous consequences that turned the once bright city into a veritable world of shadows. Free the city from the monsters spawned by the king.

Draw your blades, choose one of the presented heroes and go to the forgotten kingdom. Stop the mad king, fight the hordes of monsters from the shadows, crush them and use rare gifts. Upgrade each of the heroes, train to fight and you are sure to win. Undo the spell of the once-bright kingdom and banish all shadows.

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