Download Overdrive - Ninja Shadow Revenge MOD money 1.8.46 APK

Overdrive — Ninja Shadow Revenge MOD money — The action of the game takes place in the distant future, where the world is ruled by cyborgs, it would seem that humanity is under reliable protection, but this perfect defence has its weaknesses. So it happened to a large company, it was captured by the dark and now you need to sneak into the headquarters and destroy the virus and its infected. Stop the Dark Clan, fight hordes of monsters, attack their lair and free the world from evil!

In this game you will have to:
  • • Hone your weapon skills, perform combo kicks and destroy all monsters;
  • • Improve your hero's skills and gain experience as you progress through each mission;
  • • Avoid the traps in each level;
  • • Master your own weapons, discover many types of weapons from sword to magic;
  • • Play a number of game modes;
  • • Discover new heroes;
  • • Fight an epic boss battle.

"Overdrive - Ninja Shadow Revenge" will open you an amazing world with huge opportunities and colourful battles. Enter the battle, play as any of the heroes and pass all the levels, destroying enemies on your way, use skills and dodge enemy attacks. This world needs you.

Download Overdrive - Ninja Shadow Revenge MOD money:
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