Download Startup Empire - Idle Tycoon MOD free purchases 2.0.17 APK

Startup Empire - Idle Tycoon MOD free purchases — Build your first IT corporation, start from scratch, hire the best programmers to design and build games, apps, websites and a host of other resources for users. Become a global giant in developing technological breakthroughs. Create new operating systems, build big projects, sell them on the global market, and reap the rewards. Run your operations through constant innovation, and improve your jobs. Attract new tech talent to your corporation, while making your offices more comfortable for sophisticated work.

Provide employees with quality workspaces, give employees a place to rest to avoid overwork and provide more inspiration for new projects. Develop the skills of your co-workers by upgrading them to a professional level, get quality work and more profits. Develop the product to perfection so that clients bring you all their savings. Improve your workshops and acquire servers that will serve as repositories for your projects, transferring them around the world.

Download Startup Empire - Idle Tycoon MOD free purchases:
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