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Faily Tumbler MOD Money — Our beloved Phil Paley is transported far back to Jurassic times, where he so thoroughly begins to explore the ancient world. He comes up with nothing better than to start exploring the world of dinosaurs; and climbing high up a volcano in search of eggs, he fails. Phil Paley was so enthusiastic about climbing the volcano for the eggs that he didn’t notice when he woke him up; now his fate is only in your hands.

During the fall, you need to dodge all sorts of obstacles and collect various bonuses. Pass this difficult test, you are waiting for a surprisingly colorful and diverse world with lots of obstacles. Collect bonuses and coins along the way, and unlock fun new costumes for the main character. Play with the whole family and get a lot of positive emotions!


☰ How do I get lots of money in Faily Tumbler?

ᐉ Just download and run the game, we've already done everything for you =)

☰ How do I transfer my progress?

ᐉ If the game before you downloaded not from our site - you have to start your progress from the beginning.

☰ Where can I download the original version of the game?

ᐉ You can download the original version of the game Faily Tumbler in the official Google Play store.

Download Faily Tumbler MOD Money:
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