Download Faily Brakes MOD coins 31.1 APK

Faily Brakes MOD coins - Hurry up here, the main character is having car trouble, the brakes seem to have failed and won't listen to him at all! The car is flying into a cliff, help the protagonist to cope with the control and do not let him die in the first seconds! Dodge trees, rocks, trains and other objects, collect bonuses along the way and get the edge of shield or magnet. Unlock many new vehicles that can be upgraded, as well as interesting and fun skins for your hero.

Ride the slopes, earn coins, unlock colourful new locations and break your own records! The adrenaline rush is guaranteed as you have a fun day out with Phil Faley and his enchanted car.

If the game crashes, run it again!

Download Faily Brakes MOD coins:
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