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Beat the Boss 4: Stress-Relief Game. Hit the buddy MOD free purchases - Are you tired of your gray job day after day? But why, because of the tyrant boss? Then this game will help you catch your breath and take full revenge on your boss! Create your boss and come up with the most sophisticated tortures for him, the way knows how to behave with subordinates. Launch the boss in the aquarium and let the whale crush him, take the alien and let him launch his "unpleasant smells" in the helmet, put the helmet on the boss, let him smell it! Crush him with dinosaurs or beat him in boxing gloves, come off to the full! Beat The Boss 4 is the perfect solution for those who want to let off steam, because this game relaxes much better than yoga! Revenge all the harsh bosses, collect gold coins and diamonds, and buy yourself more dangerous weapons, destroy all the evil bosses!

In BEAT THE BOSS 4 you will find:
  • ★ Offline game in a relaxing interactive office simulator;
  • ★ 200 unique and annoying bosses;
  • ★ A huge map consisting of 10 worlds with 30 exciting levels;
  • ★ 190 types of various weapons, replenish your collection with awesome little things;
  • ★ Creating your own deadly weapon of any kind;
  • ★ Create your own boss villain;
  • ★ Improving skills, always be in shape before the fight with the boss.

Download Beat the Boss 4 MOD free purchases: