Download Bubbu – My Virtual Pet MOD money

Bubbu — My Virtual Pet MOD money — What could be nicer than a little red cat? That’s right, nothing, so you have to download this virtual pet and spend a lot of time with it. Feed, bathe, dress and play with this ball of wool. Play different mini-games, earn a lot of coins, buy a cat’s clothes and change his interior in his room. A cute virtual pet just loves to have fun, and also loves a good meal, make some funny photos and visit friends. Join the fun world of Bubbu, become a part of his carefree life.

In the game «Bubbu — my virtual pet» you will find:
  • • Merry shopping trips — buy unusual outfits for your pet and start landscaping his cozy house.
  • • Exciting mini-games — with Bubbu you just don’t get bored, play more than 30 games, collect coins and spend them on a virtual pet.
  • • Daily missions — spin the wheel of fortune every day and win valuable prizes, visit friends and complete tasks.
  • • The daily life of Bubbu cat — your new friend just loves swimming, playing and loves to eat, take care of all his needs! Together with the cat, become a part of amazing adventures: flying into space, farming, diving, playing sports and other everyday activities.

Just download «Bubbu — My Virtual Pet» and get ready for unforgettable days with a funny red cat.

Download Bubbu – My Virtual Pet MOD money: