Download Bubbu School MOD coins/unlocked 1.39 APK

Bubbu School MOD coins/unlocked - Go to the school of your dreams, meet our main character Red Cat and his classmates! This virtual school is much better, because here you will be engaged only with your favorite things and develop your own abilities. Try to take on the role of a headmaster and manage a huge school. Take classes in Math, Drawing, Physical Education and Music, maybe one of these classes will be your favorite.

Learn by playing! Draw the most beautiful picture and decorate it with stickers, exercise a little in math class, do simple exercises in gym class, or try one of the musical instruments in music class!

In addition, there are many mini-games, as well as games for logic and attention, you can even try yourself as a school chef and make the world's biggest sandwich! Learn, play and learn something new!

Download Bubbu School MOD coins/unlocked:
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