Download Idle Lumber Empire MOD a lot of money 1.9.8 APK

Idle Lumber Empire MOD a lot of money — A management simulation in Idle mode in which you set up a timber processing business. Cut down trees and make a huge fortune from them. Expand your sawmill into an empire of sorts, so you can become a profitable partner for the world with quality raw materials. Become successful by harvesting hardwoods, and hire workers to help you harvest the raw material. Start planting your own forest plantations and grow unique species of wood. Supply quality wood to the market, growing a variety of wood for all sorts of consumer purposes.

Develop your plant, maintain the best conditions for wood processing, improve your equipment. Switch to continuous production to continuously generate cash income from the continuous operation of the factory. Become known through marketing, invest the profits into a marketing campaign that will make you known to as many customers as possible. Expand through the cities, acquiring new territories and building new wood raw material factories on them.

Download Idle Lumber Empire MOD a lot of money:
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