Download Major GUN : War on terror MOD Money

Major GUN : War on terror MOD Money - The main character of the action is an excellent soldier, for whom you will play, he knows his army business. Everywhere terrorists and killers you need to eliminate everyone. You have a large selection of modern weapons available that can stop crowds of opponents, be on the alert, danger lies in wait everywhere, do not forget to look for first-aid kits in time to avoid death on the battlefield. Kill the enemy with an accurate shot or strike from the back, earn 3 stars in each mission, hone your shooting skills and upgrade your rank. Fight the boss, stop the terrorists and save the hostages. Special graphics will take you to the world of war with a pinch of humor, train your fighting skills and protect the world from evil.
In addition, the Major GUN awaits you:
  • • Incredible 3D graphics;
  • • 100 exciting and extreme missions, as well as a lot of combat modes;
  • • Daily quests with nice bonuses;
  • • Large selection of different weapons from cold to firearms;
  • • Opportunity to improve weapons.

Download Major GUN : War on terror MOD Money: