Download Transformers: Earth Wars MOD Unlimited energy

Transformers: Earth Wars MOD Unlimited energy — Transformers are back and now with a more responsible mission. They need someone who is able to open the bridge and let the legendary Autobots into Earth in order to participate in this brutal and epic war for the integrity of the Earth. You are a hero, you must unite the Autobots and Decepticons to repel the attack on Earth. After all, this time the enemy will be much stronger and absolutely everyone will suffer, including the whole Universe.

Collect a collection of over 100 characters, upgrade each hero and increase his strength. Create your own alliance and start putting things in order in the world. Join this strategic fight. Together with an audience of millions, you will fight for the well-being of the Earth, become the strongest warrior and be ready to attack anyone who gets in your way!

Energy costs are 0

Download Transformers: Earth Wars MOD Unlimited energy: