Download DEAD TARGET: Zombie Offline MOD unlimited gold/money APK

DEAD TARGET: Zombie Offline - Shooting Games MOD unlimited gold/money — The year 2040 was the year when zombies spread across the city streets, World War III, during which powerful biological weapons were used, as a result of these actions, people, without realizing it, turned most of the population into zombies. Of course you are the bravest and strongest go to save the world from imminent disaster, extermination of all appeared zombies on the planet. Fight to survive, wipe out the zombie crowds and save the world from total extinction.

Increase your strength, unlock new weapons, complete all missions and get valuable rewards for it. Sweep entire cities from the walking dead, face a tough battle against zombie bosses, you need to gather all the strength and withstand all the attacking waves of the dead.

Download DEAD TARGET: Zombie Offline MOD unlimited gold/money:
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