Download The Ghost - Survival Horror 1.42 APK

The Ghost — Survival Horror — It’s great to tickle your nerves alone, but it’s twice as cool to play in semi-darkness with your friends! Discover a brand new multiplayer horror game for your mobile devices. Download the game, call your friends and get ready to be scared! The game will show you what real fear is, several well-designed locations and very evil ghosts just will not let you escape so quickly! Choose a location, read a brief plot and ghost story, and try to escape.

It’s up to you to gather your thoughts and build a clear escape plan, and use the voice chat to get the job done right. Find the necessary items to get out of the building and try not to get caught by the ghost. For each completed task, you’ll receive experience that can be spent on improving and popping special items. Are you ready to experience all the horror and face death!

Download The Ghost - Survival Horror:
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