Download INFESTED : 3D Scary Survival Horror Game 3.0 APK

INFESTED : 3D Scary Survival Horror Game — Who would have thought that an ordinary night in your own home would turn into a living hell? After a hard day’s work you have the right idea, you need to go and rest, but you will no longer wake up as carefree as before, now you will be waiting for the pitch blackness and what can live in it. You must not delay, get out of the house as soon as possible.

Your only salvation is a flashlight and caution, move around the house looking for the key, but don’t forget the batteries for the flashlight, otherwise it will quickly go out. Do your best to get out, but don’t think it will be that easy. It’s not safe outside the manor either, don’t waste a minute and look carefully around, run to survive!

Download INFESTED : 3D Scary Survival Horror Game:
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