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Storyngton Hall: Design games MOD unlimited stars/lives - Immerse yourself in the romantic time of the magnificent Regency century, together with a combination of interior design plunge into the addictive history of one of the families of the century. The main characters inherited an ancient mansion, with its own special history and secrets, passing the storyline of the game you will penetrate deeper and deeper into the history of the Green family. Complete the puzzles in the levels connecting the elements in a row, gain rewards with which you can continue the main storyline of the game.

Getting to know the mansion for the first time will be special, because it is in a critical condition and requires a serious repair intervention and design style. Complete game missions, follow the advancing story, gradually restoring the castle to its ideal state with your efforts and design skill. Help your family settle into their new surroundings, get to know your neighbors, and learn more about the neighborhood. Impress everyone with the manicured garden around the mansion, invite the high society to a grand ball at your mansion and see how it all ends.

Enjoy a romantic story in one of the storyline episodes, find that soulmate for the young Green family heroine, help her choose a companion after her heart and not by calculation like her folks want her to. Go through intrigues, plots against the heroes, help them find a new life with new residents and neighbors. Together with the heroes, create a luxurious place for the Green family's new life by transforming the old mansion and giving it a new history.

Download Storyngton Hall: Design games MOD unlimited stars/lives:
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