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Grow Zombie inc MOD free purchases - Retro Strategy presents you with an exciting plot in which you will play as a villain. Manage an entire corporation to create the dead. With the help of your faithful servants you will be able to conquer the whole world under your control, taking over the territories killing everyone who will oppose your evil way. Playing as a scientist, create an army of zombies, start producing the dead in a laboratory and send them on a hunt for humanity. Engage in battle with the common people exhibiting the subjects of soldiers, they will faithfully serve you, killing any obstacle, even if it turns out to be quite harmless. Create in this way a whole strategic plan that is not subject to destruction by the enemy. Be always ready for a serious challenge from people, destroy their defenses and equipment, set your own rules for this world. Increase your level for passing levels, build entire columns of improved armies that have no enemies. Expand the capabilities of your lab to its maximum. Develop improved zombies by synthesizing them, strengthening your army you become stronger. Learn new abilities as a scientist to begin developing new kinds of zombie mutants and even aliens, which will serve perfectly for the most evil plans for this world.

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