Download Matching Story MOD unlimited coins/gems 1.13.02 APK

Matching Story MOD unlimited coins/gems - How experienced a three-in-a-row player you are, this game will help you unlock that potential by solving the puzzle. Fairytale magic is near, plunge into a magical adventure on a mystical island, manage to solve all the mysteries and learn the history of this island. Discover the first traces of civilization on it, only in a fairy tale interpretation. You see a simple chunk of rock on the island and you'll start to improve it, so you'll have to find new items and resources to make it even more awesome. Complete levels and cool down access to a unique reward for successfully completing a level, this is a special reward that will help you start decorating the island with new objects and items.

Solving rather simple puzzles you can further expand the island, opening up new areas to be urgently explored and properly decorated. Use your wits and intuition to solve the puzzles or take advantage of the game's various power-ups that will speed up the level and bring you closer to victory. Enjoy a truly fantastic world where all desires instantly become reality, enjoy the stunning history of the island and its ethereal fauna.

Download Matching Story MOD unlimited coins/gems:
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