Download Underworld Office MOD many tickets 1.4.0 APK

Underworld Office: Visual Novel, Adventure Game MOD many tickets - An interactive adventure novel, considered the best for fans of this genre of users. There's a huge hidden ghost story waiting for you in this novella, the name itself will already make you quite interested in reading it, Office of the Underworld is where you will appear. You'll be playing on behalf of the protagonist named Eugene, who accidentally falls into the otherworld and almost dies in it, you're saved by a mysterious ghost, who you don't really believe in what's going on, but now you're left in debt.

In this mystery story, you get to set your own action story, with your choice of what you think is the right decision in each conversation. Enjoy the adventure story of your hero, solving puzzles and encountering strange creatures from beyond. Help your hero successfully navigate a new world that hides a lot more. Collect a collection of strangers, get all the positions of the otherworld and, of course, find out what the ending will be in this adventure novel.

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