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Sclerosis: The Dark Descent - A horror game that will give you the most eerie and horrible emotions, for fans of tickling their nerves will appreciate the game. The plot of the game leads you to a dark place of a huge castle, you will find yourself in one of his rooms, playing as a main character Daniel, you will have to remember everything that the hero wanted to forget so much. Daniel, the hero you play, erased his memory to get a chance at a new life from scratch. But that's what prevents him from remembering what happened and how he ended up in the vastness of a pretty dark place. Explore the castle with the hero, exploring every room you are in, because there is bound to find something that you will need for further passing. Find notes, various clues that will lead you to a new door, and maybe that will be your escape from this castle. The castle is filled with mystical creatures, one of which is the hero's own ghost. An encounter with monsters and creatures can lead to the fact that Daniel will die and your game will end at this stage, to avoid this avoid meeting with the inhabitants of the otherworldly world of this castle. The castle possesses both danger and relatively safe places that you can use to save yourself. Immerse yourself in the mystical story plot of the hero, help him solve the puzzle to escape the castle and stay alive. This game owns perhaps the best graphics in its genre, which plays great with realistic physics and all this from the first person.

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