Download Money Rush MOD money 4.14.0 APK

Money Rush MOD money — Break into a casual game, a vibrant world of cash income from which you’ll get a big dose of adrenaline and fun. Increase your capital as you make your way through the gates, choosing the best gates with a lucrative cash income boost. As you reach the finish line you’ll be able to collect an impressive amount of capital for the journey you’ve made.

Under the control of your chosen money unit, start off in a straight line, choosing the best path in your opinion, gradually accumulating huge amounts of money. How much richer you can get with each run will only depend on your manual dexterity. The minimalistic graphics of the runner will involve you in its addictive gameplay, in an endless race for the best score.

How far your coin can reach and earn a record amount, overcoming the obstacle of inflation. Set your own records and try to beat them immediately, because everything is within your power. Thanks to the increasing upwards movement of the monetary unit, this will become even more exciting and fast-paced.

Unlock more new coin skins, own all existing monetary units and boost their speed through upgrades that will allow you to experience new emotions in the following stages of the race. Become immensely rich, reach unimaginable numbers in your account and set more new achievements along the way.

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