Download Grow MagicMaster - Idle Rpg MOD unlimited stones/cards 1.2.7 APK

Grow MagicMaster - Idle Rpg MOD unlimited stones/cards — Endless confrontations in the wastelands, dense forests and deep dungeons, where a total darkness of monsters swarms, becoming a great danger to humanity. Embark on a journey to battle evil in a relaxed world of fantastical creatures. Prepare for a great flood of monsters, with plenty of levels with staggered difficulty levels ready to challenge the final boss. Engage in battles, destroy upcoming monsters, use magic and the power of wand strikes to kill foes and summon the boss.

Use tactics to outwit the enemy, picking good moments to deliver your magic blow. Defeat bosses with your hero's abilities, build up your knowledge of magic potential by learning your mage's abilities. Overcome dungeon levels, you'll get a big boost of experience, allowing you to instantly raise the level of the hero, become stronger, and unlock hidden mage abilities. Pass through levels, defeating evil creatures, thereby increasing your magical power with each enemy you kill.

Gain special rewards for completing challenging dungeons, and win random rewards that hold unique items for your character. Equip your character, and find or unlock rare staffs and wands. Equip the mage, get epic gear into your inventory, becoming a clear threat to any dungeon bosses. Unleash your character's potential, reach the final stage of development and see how far you can go to destroy evil and become the acknowledged mighty mage of this world.

Download Grow MagicMaster - Idle Rpg MOD unlimited stones/cards:
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