Download Arrow Fest MOD free improvements 11.1 APK

Arrow Fest MOD free improvements — This is an action game with 3D graphics that gives you the opportunity to become the world's best archer. Fire arrows in a straight line, controlling them to maximise your arrows, picking up power-ups along the way with gates. Control your arrows and move left and right, collecting double bonuses along the way to maximise your arrows as quickly as possible. Reach the finish line with the maximum amount of arrow ammo, smashing bilges with each step getting closer to the main objective of each level. Win the battle of arrows by destroying the last target, picking up the prize and successfully completing the task.

Unlock levels and have more fun shooting, with challenges that require the usual solutions and reinforcements to overcome opponents in the form of obstacles. Upgrade your arrows by making them more powerful, faster and increase the number of arrows you can shoot first. Have a lot of fun completing missions, defeating enemies and their giants. Become a brilliant shooter, acquire better types of arrows that will give your shooting a more colourful experience.

Download Arrow Fest MOD free improvements:
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