Download Apple Knight: Dungeons MOD unlimited coins/resources 1.1.4 APK

Apple Knight: Dungeons MOD unlimited coins/resources — The new part of the action game, packed with new explorations and exciting battles. You, as a seasoned warrior, are ready to challenge all the evil that lurks in the abandoned lands of the world. Become a monster, a hunter, killing everything in your path and purifying evil, because only you can become a hero. Each level you pass gives you the opportunity to improve yourself, buy new equipment, open up the guises of improved heroes. Choose another hero for the role of savior, buy a suitable steel sword and upgrade to the max. Expand your collection of heroes, each character has special characteristics, become a strong and invincible defender by unlocking them all.

Unleash your mighty power through upgrades. Unleash your wrath, showing your superiority over the ancient night monsters and their bosses. Each foe will use specific techniques against you, hidden traps at every turn await your approach, and only skilled heroes can pass through all these obstacles. Let the enemy know that you are no match for them, destroying the fragile bones of skeletons, orcs and tough creatures with precise and swift sword strokes. Collect apples and other auxiliary items, learn more about geocaches by exploring every corner of the dungeon.

Download Apple Knight: Dungeons MOD unlimited coins/resources:
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