Download King of Defense 2 MOD gems/crystals 1.0.76 APK

King of Defense 2: Epic TD MOD gems/crystals - Enemies do not sleep, and heroes always be ready! Meet the new part of the exciting strategy King of Defense, the enemies have become stronger, and the world is in need of new heroes! Start your adventures in brand new locations, assemble a team of heroes and go to defend the kingdoms.

Travel to the Lava Lands, the Ice Lands, the Lands of the Gods, and the Forest Realm. Build defensive towers and be ready for enemy attacks. Flank your heroes, and they'll help you defeat even the leader of the gangs! All of your towers as well as your heroes can be upgraded, the higher their level, the better your chance of defeating your enemies. Set out to defend the mystical lands, discover new locations, new heroes, and a new magical fusion. Defeat all enemies in your path and cleanse the world of evil!

Download King of Defense 2 MOD gems/crystals:
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