Download FOG Battle Poyale

FOG Battle Poyale - Engage in a legendary battle in real time. A game in the genre of Royal Battles, which has long been able to win millions of hearts for its thrilling gameplay. An incredible upheaval in an insanely peaceful land has become its decisive point of no return, now that the Magical Mist rules the land, life has become a survivalist reality.

Challenge the fog and start your way as a seasoned fighter, you have more than 30 unique heroes at your disposal, each with their own combat techniques and unique combat equipment. Engage in combat with other players, in each battle the main mission is to remain the only survivor on the battlefield, to get the valuable reward of the winner.

The successful path to victory consists of the best strategy, deceive your opponents through traps, stalking to successfully inflict decisive damage and if necessary hide from the players, doing what is necessary to survive and win. Acquire armor and weapons, the best medieval bows, spears, swords and axes await your skilled hands, wield them all, show the players how good you are in the exciting era of past millennia.

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