Download Crab Fight Infinity MOD unlimited coins

Crab Fight Infinity MOD unlimited coins - Crustaceans also live by the prince of their own hierarchy and you will become part of their daily squabbles. Go to the nice and cozy paradise for crabs, but do not hurry to rejoice, its foundations are held there by the strongest gangs, which rule entire settlements. You will try to turn everything to your side and show the rest of the crabs who's boss here! Get into battle against the likes of you, grab a weapon and destroy your enemies before they destroy you. During the battle, you'll get weapons, aim accurately, because they're not infinite.

For each battle you get a good reward, which you can spend on new weapons. Buy cool guns and go into battle, in addition to the usual firing at the enemy, you will also pass missions in parallel. Earn your authority among the crabs, become the strongest and toughest and get the power over the rest!

Download Crab Fight Infinity MOD unlimited coins: