Download Counter Knights MOD free purchases 1.4.1 APK

Counter Knights MOD free purchases - Start an exciting war of kingdoms playing as a knight. Master the role-playing game and show what you're worth in a counterattack against your enemies. Defend your kingdom with the iron sword, face your enemies in full outfit of heavy metal, fend off attacks in time with the shield and deal devastating damage to your enemies with precision. Hold your ground against multiple waves of enemy knights, archers and many other charging foes. Upgrade the strength and endurance of your Knight to easily overcome any obstacle in dynamic new battles. Constantly upgrading your strength and passive skills will allow you to unlock more and more new power.

A new power with every upgrade that allows you to become the invincible protector of the realm and challenge the strongest bosses in the role-playing game. You are free to set your character's combat style and upgrade your skills according to your preferences. Fully maximise the maximum values of the required attributes, which will enable you to counterattack the enemy you need and easily outclass them in strength, leading to a sweet victory.

Unlock new weapons in battles against enemies, conquer rare artifacts and hurry up to put them on your knight to greatly increase his main characteristic, strength. There is no limit to how much power you can improve, your hero is a unique machine for killing the kingdom's toughest enemies, and you are his perfect cloaked savior.

Download Counter Knights MOD free purchases:
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