Download Towerlands MOD free purchases 2.6 APK

Towerlands: Tower Defense TD MOD free purchases - Monsters are attacking your lands and want to destroy everything, rather, gather all your strength and do not let evil take over your fortress. Build the strongest defensive tower, hire the best soldiers and archers, and get ready to meet your enemies properly. Upgrade every part of your own tower, increase your firepower and protect your people and your fortress. Show your commanding qualities, control the army and destroy all the undead.

The game awaits you:
  • ★ As many as 2000 enemy waves!
  • ★ 27 brave warriors ready to fight with you.
  • ★ 30 unique artifacts for crafting.
  • ★ 8 interesting locations.
  • ★ 3 races of enemies: orcs, robbers and undead.
  • ★ The ability to play offline.

Download Towerlands MOD free purchases:
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