Download Pixel Combats 2 MOD unlimited ammo

Pixel Combats 2 MOD unlimited ammo - Pixel shooter in the style of Minecraft, which gives its players complete freedom of action. Build and shoot, do your best to win the battle! Join a 12v12 player server, neutralize the enemy first, before he does it to you. In addition to shooting at enemies, you can completely destroy the map, rebuild it as you like, take cover and attack enemies from an ambush.

Also in the game you will find a variety of weapons: knives, machine guns and grenades. Buy the equipment you need, improve it to the maximum and go into battle. All known maps are available in the game, including: Dust, Assault and Angar. In addition to complete freedom in Pixel Combats 2, the developers have tried and optimized it for weak devices. Download Pixel Combats 2 and take part in pixel battles!

Download Pixel Combats 2 MOD unlimited ammo: