Download Cookies Must Die MOD God 'mode

Cookies Must Die MOD God 'mode — The world is in danger, mutant cookies are everywhere, go on a special operation to save humanity! Someone used a secret weapon against the whole world and released mutants, they must be stopped at any cost, otherwise millions of the world’s inhabitants will suffer!

Meet Special Agent Jack, who has been empowered with supernatural powers in a secret, national laboratory. Together with Jack, you have to learn the martial art and go on the warpath against cookies. Do not underestimate the enemy, because the monsters have the most deadly weapons with them, you have to learn to control your body in order to dodge enemy shots and strike.

Save the planet, destroy monsters, help Jack gain strength and defeat cookies together. It must die for the good of all mankind!

To get a «many emeralds», get a free emerald box.
Immortality is activated in the mod menu!

Download Cookies Must Die MOD God 'mode: