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Fast Fighter: Racing to Revenge MOD money/stones/energy - A mega-entertaining arcade game opens up the world of a new technological civilization, created by humans to make their lives easier. Relying on the artificial intelligence of robots people have forgotten what it is fraught with, the worst thing has happened, a robot uprising against all humanity. To conquer the people and take complete control over their only goal of aggressive machines, you are the last liquidator of the rebellious technology. The main task is to stop the enemies at all costs and save people from death by driving a high-speed car loaded with a full arsenal of firearms. Thus stop all the aggressive technology that will be encountered on the high-speed road. Participate in the race against the enemy, destroying every enemy that will be in your way as an obstacle. Collect on the race track additional bonuses in the form of missiles, grenades, laser gun and direct them at the enemy. Reach the final fight with the boss on the race track, dodge the crushing attacks of the final boss, aim at the weaknesses of the enemy to destroy it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Earn money while shooting on the racing roads, upgrade the main weapon against the enemy, proceed to improve the car. Noticeably increase speed, install new and improved weapons and perfect equipment for greater safety at high speeds. Unlock as many vehicles as possible to shoot with the enemy, assemble a unique and improved collection of cars, go on new adventures in deadly races on each of them.

Download Fast Fighter: Racing to Revenge MOD money/stones/energy:
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