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Cyber Fighters: Fighting Game MOD souls/energy/currencies - 2077 is the end of World War III, North America is completely divided into 5 regions and they all intersect in one city of Detroit. The city was completely mired in anarchy and it was decided to make it a haven for prisoners. By early 2100, Detroit had become the world's largest prison, so easy to get to and impossible to get out. People left to fend for themselves began to unite in gangs and arrange their laws on the streets. Now it's your turn to gather your own group and put things in order in this city.

Your choice will be several heroes with their own unique abilities, which you have to use in battle and more than once. Destroy crowds of opponents, upgrade your heroes and try to bring harmony back to the city, save the innocent from the oppression of bandits!

Features of Cyber Fighters: Cyberpunk Stickman Impact Fighting:
  • 🌀 Impressive graphics of the cyberpunk world
  • 🌀 Large arsenal of cyber weapons of your choice
  • 🌀 Choose your own favorite fighting style
  • 🌀 Play without internet connection

The game also has an online mode, with the help of which you can show your strength to other players by challenging them to a duel. Win matches, fight gangs, upgrade your heroes and get rich rewards.

Download Cyber Fighters: Fighting Game MOD souls/energy/currencies:
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