Download Steel Rage MOD unlimited ammo 0.182 APK

Steel Rage: Mech Cars PvP War MOD unlimited ammo - Take part in harsh battles in robotic cars, imbued with the entire atmosphere of the game, choose your car and go to the battlefield. There are several modes available in the game: 6 by 6, as well as a very exciting mode with 30 cars, where there is only one winner.

There are more than 13 different cars for your choice: sedans, sports cars, SUVs and many others. Pick the right one and start modifying it. Change the chassis, choose the body, change the color and of course equip your car with the deadliest weapon. Machine guns, armor-piercing shells, rockets - all this will come in handy in the battle for survival. But in addition to melee weapons, you can equip your car with special tactical abilities: energy shield, acceleration, maneuverability, invisibility, change the course of the battle and inflict a crushing blow on the enemy.

The game will delight you with beautiful graphics, convenient controls, as well as huge maps, where there is a place to explore, a lot of shelters and interesting objects. Play, hone your riding and shooting skills, find your perfect tactics and become the master of the arena.

Download Steel Rage MOD unlimited ammo:
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