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Survival Island: EVO raft — Earth is a living planet with amazing flora and fauna, but it used to be so until humanity destroyed everything. As a result of poisonous fumes, the Earth’s atmosphere began to gradually wither away, leading to the almost total destruction of all life. Mankind managed to freeze the process of no return thanks to the rare Pridium emulsion, people created a special committee to save all life and now they need a volunteer to go to an uncharted planet in search of a rare mineral.

Go to an uncharted planet with no one but you. Wild flora and fauna are trying to kill you, you need to start surviving to save your own home. Search for crafting materials all over the island, build yourself a shelter, but don’t forget your needs, otherwise you might die of hunger or thirst. You will be hunted by wild animals both day and night! Be careful and complete your mission!

Download Survival Island: EVO raft:
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