Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 - Last time the company NEKKI happy with us playing in a series of Shadow Fight back in 2014, then came the second part of this famous action, which has won the hearts of millions of fans of action games.
According to the developers, the third part of the game we can expect in the middle of 2017, while we personally were able to talk with a representative of the company NEKKI Sergei Babayev, who not only confirmed the company's intention to release the next part of the fighting game, but also said something else interesting, but on the this in order:
- The main feature is different from previous versions of the game was the introduction of a full 3D model of the game, each character and even more so each location will be traced by the best artists.
- Also interesting innovation in the game began to shade, because the foundation of the game, they will now be additional characters weapon and activate it will be possible after the scale is filled with fury until the right moment.
- Sergey Babayev said that the Shadow Fight 3 will be even better and higher quality of the famous Mortal Combat, so it or not we will be able to check only after the game.
- The game's plot is developed as a completely new way, here the player expects a cool world where various interesting events will occur in the most unexpected moment, more events taking place in the Shadow Fight 3 depends on the player.
- From the player also depends on what sort of skills will have a character, because now we have with you there was a great opportunity to choose one of the many schools of martial arts, you can try your hand at each of them and decide which is pleasant.
- Online mode in the game become more interesting and thoughtful, and there was a cool opportunity to play not only with unfamiliar players in the network, but also compete against your friends on one or multiple devices simultaneously.

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