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Colorize: Old Photo Colorizer - The most powerful image colorize service! Free to start!

Colorize is one of the top photo enhancement and photo colorization services, which is 100% based on automatic machine learning. After continuous training of millions of pictures, it has been able to fully identify the characteristics of nature/architecture/people in different periods, and can automatically identify damaged photos and add missing pixels.

  • The following features are currently supported:
  • ★ Photo scanning - scan photos and save, provide more possibilities for preservation and online restoration.
  • ★ Colorize - automatically add color to black and white photos, bringing old images new life.
  • ★ Photo Enhance - repair damaged pictures.
  • ★ Retouch the facial details in blurred photo, and the face will be clearer.
  • ★ Remove scratches and creases from photos.
  • ★ Every feature supports editing, and after uploading the image, you can crop/rotate the photo as you wish.

Download Colorize: Old Photo Colorizer:
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