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Google Photos — A convenient storage for your photos and videos. This application will help you save space on your phone without loading it with photos. The repository has a lot of free space, and you can freely edit your photos in it. Convenient search by keywords, if you suddenly want to view a photo made already a long time ago. Also Google storage can do various animations, collages, panoramas and much more, just by pressing the + button. And CHROMECAST helps you to view photos or videos on your TV.

  • ★ The application saves space on your device; delete already downloaded pictures in Google Photos;
  • ★ Store snapshots and videos in the cloud absolutely free, while the video should not exceed 1080p HD resolution, and the pictures should be 16 megapixels;
  • ★ Google Photos automatically creates albums dedicated to the specific day on which photos or videos were taken;
  • ★ The application will make a collage for you, in which it will collect all your best photos;
  • ★ Google Photos helps you quickly and easily find the right photo or video, even if there are no tags on it.

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