Download Dropbox 384.2.2 APK

Dropbox — A storage where you can store: photos, videos and documents. Dropbox lets you edit your files, send larger files, and save backups. This application will keep you safe from losing your vital files. Hide your most important files from prying eyes. Dropbox is the ideal cloud storage solution that lets you instantly download, upload and transfer files of any size.

Dropbox features:

  • • Automatic download of content from the gallery directly to the cloud storage;
  • • Access to any file on your account, even without an Internet connection;
  • • The ability to share a file of any size, just copy the desired link to the file and share it with your friends;
  • • Scan any document with the camera, save it to the cloud storage and convert it to a format convenient for you.

Download Dropbox:
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