Download - Sticker Maker 3.1.7 APK — Sticker Maker — Diversify your communication with the help of this application. Create your own stickers and upload them to WhatsApp or Telegram, start expressing emotions in your own way. A lot of animated stickers that you can create from any photos, use them in your chats, communicate with friends and convey the full range of emotions. Create stickers for every day and for special occasions, take advantage of this app!

Instructions for creating stickers:

  1. ★ Name your sticker pack.
  2. ★ Choose a photo and cut out funny stickers from them.
  3. ★ Create a caption for each of the stickers to give them more character.
  4. ★ Export the stickers to WhatsApp or Telegram.
  5. ★ Enjoy it.

Download - Sticker Maker:
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