Download HiPER Calc Pro

HiPER Calc Pro - Professional calculator with up to 100 significant digits and 9 exponent digits. Look for repeated decimal fractions, enter numbers as fractions, and convert them to fractions. In addition, you can use the full-fledged calculator on different devices, be it a compact device, smartphone or tablet. Thanks to this application, you can easily solve simple arithmetic problems, including calculating percentages, moduli and negation. Also, solve fractions, mixed numbers, equations, powers, calculate roots, convert degrees, seconds and minutes.

Use binary, octal, hexadecimal number system. The calculator also has a history of all calculations, you can repeat the operation, and the application also displays a fixed point, scientific and technical. But this is not the whole range of possibilities, download HiPER Calc Pro and forget about problems with calculations, get acquainted with all the functions of the application better.

Download HiPER Calc Pro: