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Speedify - Bonding VPN - A reliable VPN assistant that will not only open access to your favorite sites, but also protect your data with encryption. The application also supports speeds of more than 100 Mb/s. Use the Internet anonymously, open access to your favorite sites, social networks and applications. In addition, Speedify supports the unique technology of "linking", use your mobile network and Wi-Fi at the same time. This technology will make downloading, sending and streaming much faster and more comfortable. Get started and discover the benefits of Speedify.

  • • Speedify runs in the background with the rest of your applications, without interfering with their work.
  • • Smooth transition between connections - if you find yourself outside the range of Wi-Fi, Speedify will immediately switch you to a mobile network.
  • • Availability of SPEED SERVERS - Speedify works with all countries of the world, connect automatically to servers or select them manually.
  • • Availability of the SPEEDIFY widget - connect quickly through your main screen using the widget.
  • • Wi-Fi security - the application will monitor and remind you of an active, insecure network to connect to.

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