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LinkedIn — Make a professional resume for yourself, find what you like, succeed and keep in touch with colleagues — it’s all possible in the LinkedIn application. Improve your reputation by posting useful articles, stay up to date with all the news, track the companies you like and always stay in touch with the work of your dreams.

LinkedIn Features:
  • • Search for people, vacancies, groups;
  • • Notifications of updates from people, companies that can contribute to your professional growth;
  • • Creating your own professional profile;
  • • Updating and improving your own profile;
  • • Expansion of professional contacts, as well as round-the-clock communication with them;
  • • The ability to contact other participants, as well as view their personal profiles;
  • • The opportunity to share scientific articles to enhance personal reputation;
  • • Tracking companies to get the right job;
  • • Ability to increase profile status.

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